Invisibles is mind blowing and awesome. Complete with excellent characters and a storyline like no other. Join King Mob, Jack Frost, and a couple other bad ass tantric sexual assassins. Sexually charged guns, time travel, English gentlemen hunting teenagers. Seriously this series has everything and anything. Breaks boundaries of the imagination.

Fables is a never ending story of our favorite Grimm fables living in modern day NY. Snow White and Big Bad Wolf among others are forced out of their worlds by a mysterious adversary. Their new adventure involves winning their homelands back. Creative masterpiece. I’ve personally met the author Bill Willingham and he promised me he will never stop writing this series. Truth. Love something magical.

Nothing says antihero like the light bringer himself. This man needs no introduction therefore, this series gives us a full ride through his awesomeness. Setting: Lucifer is tired of hell. He just wants to do his own thing, but alas powerful forces keep making him apart of their bullshit. So, he’s going to get something out of it. Lucifer is such a bad ass and well written character. Even though Mike Carey would admit that Lucifer actually writes himself and Carey just writes for him. Enjoy.

Pop culture orgasm. Well written and super fucking funny. Y-the last man. Brilliant storyline and story telling. The references in this series will keep you laughing while you sit on the edge of your seat looking forward to what happens next. Setting : everything with a Y chromosome dies except for a boy and his monkey. haha. Writing that sounds awesome. Brian K Vaughan super sweet dude and brilliant story teller. (Lost)

For all the Star Wars fans. With so much side stories to our favorite movies I can personally guarantee that this story line will satisfy all needs. Following Luke Skywalkers great grandson. He hates his connection to the force and will do anything to fight his heritage. I’ve been captivated by this series. Trust in John Ostrander the dude is Star Wars gold.

Last but not least is everyone’s new favorite TV show. But trust when I say that reading this series really doesn’t spoil much from the tv experience. These panels convey such an awesome story line that the show really can’t touch. (the revers is also true the tv show can delve into more than these panels and detail.) Both are awesome, but you have to rep the original source.

The Walking Dead Never ending survival horror is damned right. The main character Rick will take you through a land that we can only normally dream about. haha. There is nothing bad about this series. I’ve been recommending it since early 2005 and I’ve never gotten a complaint. (questions or comments.)

I swear we are never too old for this stuff. Lets all love something new.